Chester Case Study

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Inner City - Chester

Housing - Very few residential areas in city center, but there is a studentified sector to the northwest towards the university. Many terraced houses dating back to 19th/20th century - 35% of housing - with on street parking, many of which are rented by students. Newer devleopment of flats - 31%.

Ethnicity - Predominantly white (94.5%) with 9% born outside of the UK

Age Structure - Lowest median age in Cheshire (26 years) due to students (26.8% of population), relatively low housing costs, and single/without children households not needing larger property. Only 5.9% under 16.

Wealth/Employment - Generally high employment levels - 29% management/professional jobs, but 15% in customer sales.

Service Provision - City centre has a wide range. Moving outwards, provision based around students, City centre within walking distance - 35% households have no car. Local primary school, Bluecoat CofE, and high schools in Blacon/Upton. Limited open space, but Northgate Arena.

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Rural-Urban Fringe - Waverton-Christleton

Housing - Lower density, with many post-war estates. Curved street pattern, many detached properties. Infilling around historic village cores/farmhouses. Much farmland (over 50% of land in green belt east of Chester).

Ethnicity - 97.6% white, with 3.9% born outside of UK.

Age Structure - More mature age profile - median age = 46. Few young adults (4.3% aged 20-24). Higher cost of houses, family sized, located away from city center may all be deterrents to young adults. 17.3% under 16, many school age children.

Wealth/Employment - 44% of workers in managerial/professional occupations, only 6% in customer sales.

Service Provision - No railway stations, but pedestrian/cycle access along canal from Waverton. Buses to Chester approx. every half hour, and 90.5% of households have a car. Doctors surgeries in villages, but are shared so not always open. Primary schools in each village, Christleton has a high school. Local shopping in each village. Range of community activites, including those for elderly. CHS has a leisure centre for public use, with pool, playing fields and 3G astroturf pitch,

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