Chemistry unit 2: polymers

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Thermo softening polymers

1) Thermo softening polymers are made up of lots of tangled chains of polymers which can slide over each other.
2) Because the polymers can slide over each other, Thermo softening polymers are very easy to melt.

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Thermo setting polymers

1) Thermo setting polymers have cross links between the chains of the polymers

2) These hold the chains together in a solid structure.

3) This means the polymer doesn't melt when heated.

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How you make a polymer affects its properties

1) a polymers properties depend on what it's made from and the reaction conditions (temperature).

2) Two types of polythene can be made using different catalysts and different reactions.

  • Low density (LD) polythene is flexible and is used for bags and bottles.
  • High density (HD) polythene is stiffer and is used for water tanks and drain pipes.
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