Chemistry Unit 1 AQA

These notes are on the 'how things are done' side of chemistry like Hydrogenation and Polymerisation.
I am going to add more to these, but if I have missed anything out once I have finished please comment below and I will add it on. 

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This is the process of hardening vegetable oils to form things like margarine.

It is done by:

1) Adding hydrogen to the oil

2) heating it in a nickel catalyst

3) at 60 degrees celcius

This is all you will need to write in an exam question and you will get full marks.

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Is the process of breaking the double bonds in alkenes into single bonds called alkanes.

It is done by:

1)Heating the hydrocarbon to form a vapour

2) And then it is passed over a catalyst

We crack alkenes as single bond alkanes are more in demand and are more useful. There are more alkenes in the world but because alkanes are more in demand we crack alkenes to make alkanes.

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Fractional Distillation

This is when we separate crude oil into separate hydrocarbons.

This is done by:

1) The crude oil is boiled each fraction has a different boiling point so they evaporate a different times.

2) The top of the fractioning column is cooler than the bottom.

3) Denser fractions evaporate first and rise to the top of the column as a vapour, as it is cool the fraction condenses and is collected.

4) This process happens to each fraction until they are all condensed and can be collected.

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Blast Furnace

We use a blast furnace to get pure iron out of impure iron like iron oxide.


1) Put the iron into the furnace.

2) Then we heat it up.

3) We then put coke into it which is a nearly pure form of carbon.

4) The carbon atoms attach themselves to the oxygen atoms from the iron oxide forming carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

5)Leaving the pure iron.

This is not a very environmentally friendly process as the carbon dioxide and monoxide that is formed has to be released to the atmosphere increasing global warming.

Also Electrolysis is a process of purifying copper and extracting aluminium.

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Polymers are formed when many monomers join together much like a chain.

Monomers are

1) Heated under pressure until their bonds open up

2) And then they link together.

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