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life on earth

one theory stae,tes that the compounds needed came from reactions invoving hydrocarbons and ammonia with lighting providing energy 

all the theories about how life started on earth are unproven and so we cannot be sure how life began 

Miller and Urey did and experiment based on what scientist thought was in the early atomosphere. used:

mixture of water,ammonia,methane, hydrogen and a high voltage spark to simulate lightning 

after a week they found that amino acids the buling blcoks for proteins had been produced

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carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

200million years the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere remained about the same

this is because various natura processes that move carbon dioxide into and out of the atmosphere had achieved a balance

these processes invove carbon compounds in plants, animals, the ocenas and rocks. 

carbon dioxide dissolves in water particularly the oceans and rections of inorganic carbonate compounds are also important in maintaing a balance

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