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Super Absorbent Polymer - polymer that can absorb and retain a large amount of liquid.

Cellulose fibres - a natural fibre from plant cell walls, long chain of glucose molecules.

Polythene - a synthetic fibre, lots of ethane's joined together.

Recycling - a process of changing something into another form for a different use.

Sustainability - the idea that you can replace what you have taken.

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Reusable - a process where something is washed then used again for the same purpose.

Sodium Polyacrylate - SAP water moves in throught osmosis.

Polypropene - a synthetic fibre, lots of propenes joined together.

Polymers - a long chained molecule made up of hydrocarbons and monomers.

Life Cycle Assessment - the process of getting something created to its end.

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Environmental Impact - what could happen to the environment.

Pesticides - a drug which destroys bugs when sprayed on plants or crops.

Renewable - something that can be replaced.

Fertiliser - a drug which provides nutrients to plants.

Potentially Harmful - possible harm.

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Biomass Fuel - a fuel which can be used that is better for the environment.

Cotton - naturally occuring fibre made by cotton plants.

Properties - what makes up something and what it is like.

Polymerisation - making a polymer.

Manufacture - process of making a product.

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Disposable Nappies

- only used once.

- inner sheet 10% polypropene

- core made of 43% cellulose fibres + 27% polyacrylate

- outer sheet 13% polyethene

- polyethene, polyacrylate and polypropene are synthetic fibres

- cellulose fibres are natural from plant cells

- polymers are long chain hydrocarbons made of monomers.

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Terry Nappies Production


- lots of pesticides and fertilisers used

- cotton plants

- renewable

- potentially harmful to environment

- bleached using chemicals

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Terry Nappies Production


- non renewable

- made from crude oil

Energy needed to produce

- fossil fuel used

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Terry Nappies Use


- high temperature

- electricity

- heat energy

- fossil fuels

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Terry Nappies Use


- sun light or dryer

- electricity

- heat energy

- fossil fuels

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Terry Nappies Disposal

Energy needed to wash nappies

Polypropene disposed of

- land fil

Large amounts of energy is generated used in washing and drying nappies

- manufacture of detergent needed

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