Chemistry higher tier OCR C1

They have an overview the first topics in C1 to help revising.

Food Additives

  • Additives make food last longer and taste better
  • Food colours make food look more appetising- used in sweets, soft drink, mushy peas etc...
  • Flavour enhancers bring out the taste and smell of food without adding taste of their own.
  • Antioxidants help to preserve food.
  • Emulsifiers help oil and water blend together in foods like salad cream and ice cream
  • Antioxidants stop foods reacting with oxygen.
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Food packaging

  • Food 'goes off' if its stored for a long time because of bacteria or moulds which grow in or on the food and break it down
  • Active and intelligent packaging form a barrier between the food and the outside world.They can control and react to whats going on inside.
  • An example is self heating and self cooling cans.
  • Self-heating cans cause an exothermic reaction
  • Self cooling cans use evaporation to cool themselves down.
  • Chemicals like silica gel remove water from inside of a product so that the food doesn't go horrible and mouldy.
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