Chemistry GCSE unit 2

C4, C5, C6


C4- chemical patterns. The periodic table.

(i)what are the elements in order of?

(ii)In the elements properties there are?

(iii)What are the veritcal coloumns?

(v)The elements of a group have?

(iv)What are the horizontal rows?

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(i)elements are arranged in order of proton number.

(ii)there are repeating patterns in the elements properties

(iii)the vertical columns are groups

(v)the elemements of a group have similar properties

(iv)horizontal rows are periods.

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C4- chemical patterns. chemical safety


whats the meaning and safety precautions?

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Toxic. can cause death if absorbed by skin, swallowed or breathed in.

Wear eye protection, wear gloves, work in a fume cupboard or wear a mask over mouth and nose.

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C4-chemical patterns. chemical safe


what does this sign mean and the safety precautions?

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corrosive- attacks living tissue like eyes or skin

wear gloves and eye protection

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C4-chemical patterns, chemical safe

whats the meaning and safety precautions?

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harmful-like toxic substances but less dangerous.

wear eye protection and wash off spills quickly and use in a well ventilated room. 


Irritant makes skin red or blistered,

wash off spills quickly and wear eye protection.

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C4 chemical patterns

what do these two signs mean and the safety precautions ?

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highly flammable- catches fire easily. 

keep away from flames, sparks and oxidising chemicals and wear eve protection.

oxidising- provides oxygen so other chemical burn more fiercely. 

keep away from flammable chemicals and wear eye protection

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