Chemistry GCSE (C1A)

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Q:What is the formla for calcium carbonate (limestone) ?


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Q:What happens to calcium carbonate when it is heated ?

A:It breaks down to form calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

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Q. When Calcium Oxide reacts with water what does it produce ?

A.It produces Calcium Hydroxide

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Q.Limestone and its products have many uses,list four of them #

A.Mortar,Cement,Concrete and glass

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Q.What is the word equation for the thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate ?

A.calcium carbonate right facing arrow with heat ( calcium oxide + carbon dioxide

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Q.What is the symbol equation for th e decomposition of Calcium Carbonate ?

A.CaCO3right facing arrow with heat ( CaO + CO2

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Q.Describe the reaction that takes place when testing for carbon dioxide using limewater ?

A.When carbon dioxide is bubbled through limewater the limewater will turn cloudy showing that there has been a reaction

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