Chemistry - Fuels from crude oil

Fuels from crude oil 

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What is crude oil a mixture of?

How can it be separated into fractions?

What is a the basis of a hydrocarbon?

What sort of bond are they joined by?

Name a type of hydrocarbon:

Small hydrocarbons with only a few atoms have...

Hydrocarbons with between 5 and 12 carbon atoms are...

Large hydrocarbons with many carbon atoms have...

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Fractional distillation 

A hydrocarbon only contain hydrogen and carbon atoms

Chemical bond


Low boiling points and are gases

usually liquids

A high boiling point and are solids

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What is distillation 

It works when...

What is distillation commonly used for?

Name the sequence of events in distillation:

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It's the process that can be used to separate a pure liquid from a mixture of liquids

The liquids have different boiling points

to separate ethanol from water

heating - evaporating - cooling - condensing

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Why do hydrocarbons with small molecules make better fuels?

Name 3 things that a combustion on the fuel may release into the environment:

How is sulfur dioxide produced?

Sulfur dioxide causes...(how)

What does acid rain react with?

How does acid rain damage tree's?

What does acid rain do to lakes?

Where can sulfur be removed from fuels?

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Because they are volatile, flow easily and easily ignited 

Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water vapour

It's produced when fuels that contain sulfur compounds burn

Acid rain. Because when the sulfur dioxide dissolves in the water droplets in clouds, it makes the rain more acidy than normal.

It reacts with metals and rocks (such as limestone) 

It damages the waxy layer on the leaves of the tree's, this then makes it more difficult to absorb the minerals they need for healthy grow

It makes them to acidy so it's to difficult for the fish to survive 

Oil refinery 

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What causes global warming?

What could this do to the world?

Carbon dioxide is...

What does the carbon dioxide do?

The more amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere... 

Give an example of what global warming is doing: 

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The carbon dioxide released from burning fuels 

Change the climate 

A greenhouse gas

It absorbs the heat energy ad prevents it escaping the earth's surface into space

The more heat energy that is absorbed, the hotter the earth becomes 

The melting of polar ice caps will raise sea levels and this will cause flooding of low land

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