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Particles in Solids Liquids and Gases

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Particles in Solids, Liquids or Gases

particles in a substance stay the same whether it is solid, liquid or gas.

solid particles - Have the least energy and is the most dense. They stay the same shape and cant be easily compressed

Liquid particles- They have more energy that solid and only 70% of them are linked together. They are quite dense and cannot be easily compressed.

Gas particles- They have the most energy and are not dense (very low). They can be compressed and they dont keep a definate shape or volume and will expand to fill a container.

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Physical changes

Physical changes do not change the particles, just their arrangement or their energy.      They are also reversable, they can turn back to their original state. such as water can be froze into an ice cube and be melted back into water and have the same amount of water as we started with.

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