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using limesotne

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using limestone

limestone is used as a building material (cathedrals, statues etc.), it is quarried out of the ground, although this does cause environmental problems. limestone is virtually insoluble in plain water, yet acid rain is a big problem it dissolves straight away due to the acid reacting with the limestone.

Limestone is mainly calcium carbonate.. CaCO3. When it is heated it thermally decomposes to make calcium oxide (quicklime) and carbon doixide.

calcium carbonate (limestone) CaCO3 -> calcium oxide (quicklime) CaO + Carbon dioxide CO2.

Quicklime reacts with water to produce slaked lime. slaked lime is calcium hydroxide. quicklime + water --> slaked lime, or CaO + H2O--->Ca(OH)2

slaked lime is also an alkali which canbe used to neautralise acid solids in fields. slaked lime works much faster than powdered limestone for this.

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Using limestone

Quarrying limestone makes a mess of the landscape. digging limestone out of the ground can cause environmental problems. it makes large holes which can permanantly change the landscape. quarrying can make lots of noise and dust is quiet areas. quarrying can destroy habitats of birds and animals. the limestone needs to be transported away from the quarry usually in lorries. this causes more noise and pollustion. there are also waste materials.

making things from limestone can cause pollution too. cement factories can make a lot of dust, which can cause breathing problems for some peiople. energy is needed to produce cement and quicklime. the energy is likely to come from burning fossil fuels, which causes pollution.

but on the plus side.. limestone provides things that people want like houses and roads. chemicals used in making dyes, paints, and medicines also come from limestone. limestones produced are used to neautralise acidic soil. acididity in lakes and rivers caused by acid rain is also neautralised by limestone products. limestone is also used in power station chimneys to neautralise sulfur dioxide, which is a cause of acid rain.

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