Chemistry - Chapter 9 - Calculating Concentration



Definition:- It is a mesure of quantity, it is the number of entities that are present in exactly 12g of carbon-12

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Avogadro's Number

6.02 x 10 ^ 23

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1 molar solution is 1 mole of (insert solution molecule) dissolved in exactly 1 dm^3 of a solution

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Calculation Units and Terms

Terms             Symbol       Units

molarity            M           mol dm^-3

concentration      c            g dm^-3

Volume             V            dm^-3

no. moles          n             mol

mass               m              g

Relative Atomic Mass    RMM/Mr             g mol^-1

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Concentration Calculation Triangle

concentration = molarity / volume

molarity = concentration x volume

volume = molarity / concentration

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Molarity Calculation Triangle

Molarity = no.of moles (mol) / volume (dm^-3)

Volume   = no. of moles (mol) / molarity (mol dm^-3)

No. of moles = molarity (mol dm^-3) x volume (dm^-3)

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Relative Molar Mass

Relative Atomic Mass (g mol^-1) = mass (g) / no. of moles (mol)

Mass (g) = RMM (g mol^-1) x no. of moles (mol)

No. of moles (mol) = mass (g) / RMM (g mol^-1)

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