C7 Green Chemistry

Chemical Industry

Bulk chemicals that are made on a large scale


  • Ammonia
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Phosphoric acid

Fine chemicals that are made on a small scale


  • Drugs
  • food addictive
  • fragrance
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Green Chemistry

The production of useful chemicals involves several stages, including:

  • prepration of feedstocks
  • synthesis
  • seperation of products
  • handling on by-products and waste
  • monitoring purity

Green chemistry is based on numbers of principles, which if followed lead to more sustainable processes, i.e. processes that meet the needs of present generations without comprising future generations

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Principles Of Green Chemistry

  • Atom econonmy- the final product should aim to contain all the atoms used in the process, thereby reducing waste products and increasing the yield
  • use of renewable feedstocks- whenever possible, a new renewable raw material should be used
  • energy inputs and outputs- the energy needed to carry out a reaction should be minimised in order to reduce the environmental and economic impact
  • health and safety risk- chemical chosen are to minimise the risk of chemical incidents
  • by-products or waste- waste needs to be cleaned
  • environmental impact- can be reduced by using alternative to hazardous chemicals
  • social and economic benefits- cleaner buildings in town and improved quality in rivers and lakes
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