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alkanes, alcohols

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Hydrocarbons are made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

Alkanes are a group of Hydrocarbons. They have saturated covalent bonds.

They are made up of a string of carbon atoms joined by single carbon bonds, surounded by hydrogen atoms so each carbon atom has four single carbon or hydrogen bonds.                                                                                   H  H  H

They are unreactive because the C-C C-H bonds are unreactive.   H  C  C  C  H

The first 4 alkanes are                                                                          H  H  H

  • methane  CH4
  • ethane     C2H6
  • propane   C3H8
  • butane     C4H10

The formula for alkanes are CnH2n+2

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Alcohols have an -OH functional group which gives them their characteristic properties.

The first two alcohols are:

  • Methanol    CH3OH
  • Ethanol       C2H5OH

The formula for alcohol is:   CnH2n+1OH

methanol is used in manufacture of fuels, adhesives, foams, cosmetics and an important chemical feed stock.

Ethanol is used as a solvent, fuel and alcholic drink component.

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