Chemistry C7

These are to help study and go over the basic before the detailed bits.

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Organic Chemistry

Alkanes, Alcohols, Carboxilyc Acids, Esters

(,r:2,s:0)Alkanes facts:  Saturated, Single Bonded, Formula is  C2H

(,r:5,s:0&tx=180&ty=100)Alkene facts:  Unstaturated, Double Bonded, Formula is C2H4

Double bond means it is more recactive as more atoms can be added onto the molecule, where as on Single bond there is no room.

CIS: Unsaturated/double bonded makes an atom bulky like. These are Oils, from plants mostly.

TRANS: Saturated/single bond is a line. These are Fats from animals mostly.

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Organic Chemistry Questions

Is CIS, Saturated or Unsaturated?

Is TRANS a Double bond or a Single bond?

What is the bond and sat/unsat when its called CIS?

What organic Chemistry name is given to TRANS?

Alkene, Alcohol, Carboxylic acid or ester?

What is this formula?


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Because the order is:

Liquids(1Meth, 2Eth, 3Prop, 4Bute, 5Pent, 6Hex), 7Hept, 8Oct, 9Non, 10Dec.

This is the beginning of the name of the molecule. The end bit, is whether it is a Alcohol, Alkane, Alkene, Carboxylic acid or Ester.

Alcohols end with anol.   So the order for alchols will be methanol, Ethanol, Propanol, Butanol, Pentanol, Hexanol...etc.

(,r:3,s:0&tx=60&ty=35)CH3OH , (,r:1,s:0)C2H5OH...etc

Hydrogens go up in two's as the Chloride Goes up by one.  

These are Highly flammable because of the OH, without the OH it wouldnt be flammable.

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Alcohol Questions

What is the name for the 4th alcohol structure?

What is the next Formula?

    CH3OH,    C2H5OH,    ?

If Ethanol is C2H5OH, What would Hexanol be?

Which part of the formula makes the chemical Flammable?

At which number does it stop been a liquid at?

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The Alkanes end with a ane. The same rule applies where the first part of the word is the number and the last is the ane.

Gas((Used for Home fuel Methane), ethane, (School fuels eg. Bunson Burners propane), (Camping Fuels, butane,)) Liquids(Pentane, Hexane.)



The Hydrogen increases by 2 everytime the Chloride increases.

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Alkane Questions

What is the 3rd and 6th Alkane?

If methane is  

CH4   What is the 5th?

Which is most common for schools?

What number is it?

Which Alkanes are gasses?

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