Chemistry C2 GCSE AQA - UNIT 5

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Exothermic and Endothermic reactions

  • Endothermic = transfer of energy TO the surroundings and often HEATS up surroundings, e.g. combustion
  • Endothermic = take IN energy from surroundings. Some cause DECREASE in temperature, e.g. photosynthesis
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Energy and Reversible Reactions

  • A reversible reaction that is exothermic in one direction MUST be endothermic in the other direction
  • The amount of energy given out by the exothermic reaction is EQUAL to the amount taken in by the endothermic reaction
  • Changing the temperature in a CLOSED SYSTEM, changes the amount of reactants and products
    • Endothermic = INCREASES in products when temperature is HIGH
    • Exothermic = INCREASES in products when temperature is LOW
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