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study atoms and elements

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atoms an elements.

  • Atoms are the building blocks of everything. everything and anything is made up of an atom.
  • The atoms consiss of the nucleas and the shells
  • The nucleas contains protons and neutrons. protons(positive charge) and neutrons (neutral charge).
  • The nucleas is in the middle of the charge. the whole mass is concentrated in the nucleas.
  • The electrons move around the nucleas and shells..
  • Elements consist on only 1 type of atom
  • The number of protons in the nucleas tells us what type of atom it is.
  • Compounds consist of 2 or more elements chemically combined.
  • Mixtures are substances that  are composed of either elements, molecules or compounds that are not chemically joined or combined.
  • If a substance contains only 1 type of atom it's called an element.
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periodic table. compounds and mixtures. balancing

  • the periodic table is what helps us to determine elements. it is split into metals and non-metals. It is a table which contains all the elements of the known world. it is separated in groups and periods. a group is a vertical column. A period is a horizontal row.
  • the periodic table consists of 8 groups. group 1 is the alkali metals, group 2  is the alkali earth metals. between groups 2&3 are the big block of metals called the transition metals. group 7 is the halogens and group 8 or 0 is the noble gases.
  • atoms join together to make compounds. making bonds involves atoms sharing electrons. e.g. carbon dioxide CO2 is a compound. carbon and oxygen combine.
  • mixtures are easily separated. there is no chemical bond between them. they can be separated by physical methods such as distillation. 
  • atoms/elements must be equal on both sides. you must get the formula correct first. state symbols. either solid(s) liquid(L) gas(g) or aqueous(aq)


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