Atoms, Molecules and Compounds

Atoms can join up with other atoms to make molecules. Molecules containing different types of atoms make up compounds.

  • Atoms have a Positive Nucleus with Orbiting Electrons.
  • Atoms are really tiny.
  • They're so small you can't see them, even with a microscope.
  • They have a nucleus which is positively charged, and electrons which are negetively charged.
  • The electrons move around the nucleus in layers known as shells.
  • Atoms can form bonds to make molecules and compounds.
  • It's the eletctrons that are involved in making bonds.
  • Sometimes an atom loses or gains one or more electrons and this gives it a charge (positive if it loses an electron, and negative if it gains one.)
  • Charged atoms are known as ions.
  • If a positive ion meets a negative ion they'll be attracted to one another join together. THIS IS CALLED AN IONIC BOND!
  • The other main type of bond is called a covalent bond - atoms in a covalent bond share a pair of electrons.
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