What are acids?

All acids:

  • have a low pH (1-6) – the lower the number the stronger the acid
  • react with bases to form neutral compounds
  • are corrosive when they are strong
  • are an irritant when they are weak.
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ph table

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indigestion remedies

Hydrochloric acid is used in the body to help digestion and kill bacteria.

However too much acid can cause indigestion and we use indigestion remedies to neutralise excess acids.

An indigestion remedy contains a base such as magnesium hydroxide, which reacts to form a neutral compound and raises the pH of the stomach.

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metel hydorxides

Metal hydroxides, such as sodium hydroxide, usually dissolve in water to form clear, colourless solutions. When an acid reacts with a metal hydroxide, the only products formed are a salt plus water. Here is the general word equation for the reaction:

acid + metal hydroxide    →    a salt + water

You usually observe these things during the reaction:

  • there is a temperature rise
  • the pH of the reaction mixture changes
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