Atomic Structure and Bonding

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Reaction Between water and Alkaline Metala

Fizzing- Gas Formed

Melted- Heat Was Released

Flame- Energy released

  • K-Lilac Flame
  • Na- Yellow Flame
  • Li- Magenta Flame

Indicator Turned Purple- Alkali produced

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Ion= Charged Particle

Atoms React In ways that leave them with filled outer shells

Non metal atoms share e-s in pairs. They share enough e-s to fill there outer shell.

e-s= electrons

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Small molecules have Low melting points

Large molecules have high melting points

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Balancing symbol Equations

_Li2O + _HCl ----> _LiCl + _H2O

2 Li ----> 1 Li         

1 O ----> 1 O

1 H ----> 2 H

1 Cl ----> 1 Cl

Add the missing numbers to balance the equation

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like the colours made it easy - may help in my exam thanks

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