Chemistry for My GCSE on the 28th June

Transition Metals! The Noble Gases!

They Often act as a catalyst

They have high density

They are less reactive than Group 1 or Group 2 metals

They have a high melting point

They mostly form coloured compounds

They are unreactive or inert

Heluim is used for: Ballons

Protective gas for growing silicon crystals in silican chip manufacture is Heluim!


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The Carbon Cycle

The surface of the earth is split up into series of tectonic plates. These move across the Earth's surface due to convection currents in the Mantle. Where the plates meet or rub against eachother earthquakes and volcanoes may form and tsunamis may happen.


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Oil and Fuels!

Lavender flowers are cut with very short stems and packed into the still. The still pot is filled at least half way with water. The distiller is now assembled. The heat source is on, the water boils, the distillate will then flow from from the condenser. The distillate enters the separator. Hydro and essential oils are separated. Once distillation is complete, the distiller is emptied to be ready for the next batch.

Vegetable oil as a fuel: Biodiesel is a fuel made from plants. Making the fuel also produces some other useful products, including soap and food for cattle. Biodiesel produces less pollution than diesel, and absorbs as much carbon dioxide when it is made as it does when it burns.

Advantage                                                     Disadvantage

causes less pollutin                        When it burns it makes C02

absorbs co2 when it grows             Difficult to buy

cheap                                           Cars need to be adapted    


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Chemistry of Oil, Catalytic cracking

Oil is separated by fractional distillation

Oil is separated into hydrocarbons of different sizes called alkanes

Catalytic cracking: When crude oil is separated a lot of long chain hydrocarbons are formed. These are not useful. So we break them down by a process called CATALYTIC CRACKING!


A hydrocarbon is a compund that only contains hydrogen and carbon.

We are going to look at another group of hydrocarbons called the alkanes.

Alkanes have one double bond joining 2 of their carbon atoms. As they have a double bond we say they are Unsaturated.

Alkanes have only single bonds and we say they are saturated.

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