Chemistry - Equilibria


Dynamic equilibrium

This is when the forward and backward rate of reaction is the same and remains at a constant rate. 

Concentration of products and reactant  are constant and appears not to change 

Only occurs in closed system where nothing can get in or out to influence the reactions 

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Le Chatelier's Principle

The position of equilibrium will shift to oppose any change placed on it e.g temp, conc, pressure act. 

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An increase in temp favours endothermic reaction (+ve energy change), will increase yield of endothermic product 

Equilibrium shifts to reactants 

Increase in temperature is endothermic and equilibrium will be endothermic to oppose change 

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Equilibrium shifts to side with fewer moles as increasing pressure increases the moles

Increasing pressure:

Cost more 

Harder to store 

Risk of explosions 

Maintain building 

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Increases the rate 

Equilibrium position does not change as it changes forward and backward reaction equally 

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Ratio of conc of products and reactants 

Used to predict if reaction endothermic or endothermic 

Only changes with temperature 

Compares conc of reactants and products at equilibrium data a specific temperature 

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