Chemistry C2 Structures properties

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Giant ionic lattices

-High melting points

-High boiling points

-Disolves easily in water

-Conducts electricity when disolved or molten

e.g. Sodium chloride (salt) or Magnesium chloride

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Simple covalent molecules

-Don't conduct electricity

-Low melting points

-Low boiling points

-Liquids or gases at room temperature

e.g. Oxygen, Chlorine or water

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Giant covalent structures

-Very high melting points

-Very high boiling points

-Don't conduct electricity when molten (except for graphite)

e.g. diamond, graphite and silicon dioxide

Diamond and graphite are alloptropes of carbon. This means they are both made of carbon, however the way they are arranged is different, therefore they have different properties (e.g. diamond is very hard and does not conduct electrcity, however graphite does).

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