Chemistry C10

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What are natural resources?

  • They come from the earth, sea, and air
  • They form without human input and can be replaced or improved
  • They can be renewable or non-renewable
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What is sustainable development?

  • An approach to development that takes account of the needs of present society while not damaging the lives of future generations
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Extraction of copper from low-grade ores

  • Bioleaching - bacteria
  • Phylomining - plants in soil that contain copper
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How can metals be recycled?

  • Mining and extracting metals takes lots of energy - fossil fuels
  • recycling = less energy and melting and casting
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How can glass be recycled?

  • Glass bottles can often be reused without reshaping
  • Recycled glass is organised into colours and chemical composition and is then crushed and melted
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What is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?

  • Getting the Raw Materials
  • Manufacture and Packaging 
  • Using the Product
  • Product Disposal
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What is potable water?

  • Water that has been treated or is naturally safe for humans to drink
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How can potable water be treated?

  • The process of treatment depends on where you are
  • Filtration - a wire mesh screens out large twigs and then gravel and sand beds filter out any other solid bits
  • Sterilisation - the water is sterilised to kill any harmful bacteria or microbes
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Where does waste water come from?

  • Agricultural systems
  • Sewage
  • Industrial processes
  • Organic matter
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What is the process of sewage treatment?

Waste Water



aerobic digestion                                                                                        anaerobic digestion

released back into environment                                           natural gas                       fertiliser

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