Chemical Tests


Test for Starch

Gives blue- black colour with iodide solution

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Reducing sugars Test

  • Add 2cm3 of Benedict's reagent to same volume of sample.
  • Heat in water bath.
  • Brick red shows presence of reducing sugars
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Non-reducing sugars test

  • Same as reducing sugars test- showed no colour change.
  • Using separate sample, boil with HCl for few minutes.
  • Add NaOH to neutralise before adding Benedict's reagent.
  • Brick red colour appears
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Lipids test

Emulsion Test:

  • Shake some sample with 4cm3 of ethanol.
  • Decant liquid into water.
  • If lipids are present, cloudy solution is formed.
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Test for Proteins

Biuret Test:

  • Add 2cm3 of biuret solution to equal volume of sample.
  • If protein present, lilac colour will appear.
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