Chemical tests

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Chemical tests

Tests for alcohols, aldehydes and ketones-Warm with acidified potassium dichromate

 Primary- orange dichromate will slowly change to green- Secondary- orange dichromate will slowly change green- Tertiary- can't be oxidised so nothing happens

Then to test for a alehyde or a ketone- Fehlings solution

Aldehyde- blue to brick red precipitate

Ketone- remains blue as it can't be further oxidised

Test for carboxylic acids- Add sodium carbonate and it'll effervesence 

Test for unsaturation- shake with orange bromide solution, discolourise if unstaturated 

Test for haloalkenes- NaOH to get halogen off, then nitric acid to get rid of any ions that would interfer with the test and add silver nitate- Cl white Br cream I yellow ppt- further test by adding ammonia- Cl dissolves in dilute- Br dissolves in excess- I doesn't dissolve

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