Chemical Patterns

group 1 - alkali metals

group 2 - alkali earth metals

group 7 - halogen

group 8 - noble gases ( dont hang around in pairsss)

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balancing Eqautions

step 1 - write down the word equation

step 2 - underneath, write down the correct fomula for each reactant and product

step 3 - balance the equation if necessary, by putting numnbers IN FRONT on the formula

step 4 - add state symbols

NEVER change the formula of a compound or element to balance the equation !

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Chlorine - toxic, dense pale green gas. smelly and poisonous.

Bromine - corrosive and toxic. deep red liquid and red-brown vapour. smelly and poisonous

Iodine - harmful. dark grey solid and purple vapour. smelly and poisonous.

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Flame Colours

Sodium (Na) - bright yellow

Potassium (K) - lilac

Calcium (Ca) - red / orange

Barium - green

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