Chemical Equilibrium

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Changing the concentration of a reactant or produc

  • Increasing the concentration of a reactant will cause cause more products to be formed as the system tries to achieve equilibrium
  • If a product is removed more reactants will react to try and achieve equilibrium and so more product is formed
  • E.G For the reversible reaction ICl + Cl2 = ICl3
  • If chlorine is added, the concentration of chlorine is increased and more ICl3 is produced
  • If chlorine is removed, the concentration of chloine is decreased and more ICl is produced
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Reversible reactions and equilibrium

In a closed system, no reactants or products can escape.

In a reversible reaction in a closed system, equilibrium is reached when the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction.

At equilibrium both reactions continue to happen, but the amounts of products and reactants stays the same

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