chemical ananlysis

flame tests+ions ..compounds of some metals burn with a colour

lithium burns to produce a red flame

sodium burns to produce a yellow flame

pottassium burns to produce a lilac flame

calcium burns with a brick red flame

barium burns iwth a green flame

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add NAOH (sodium hydroxide) reacts to give insolub

calcium ions react with sodium hydroxide to give an insoluble precipate  ca2+

cu2+ copper ions recat with sodium hydroxide to form a blue imsoluble preciptae

fe2+. iron ions recat with NAOH ..s odium hydroxide to give an insoluble coloured precipate of green

fe3+ ions react with sodium hydroxide to form an insolube precipate of red.brown..

alumjinim al3+ ions when recating with NAOH sodium hydroxide produce white insoluble coloured precipate but in excess sodium hydorxide it forms a colourless solution.

magnesium ions recat with NAOH sodium hydroxide to form a white inmsoluble preicipate.

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test for ammounium ions+ add NAOH > gives off ammo

-ions test for carbonates ..

add acid, hydrochloric acid produces carbon dioxide co2 can be detected by bubblin teh solution through limewater is limewater turns cloude co2 is present.

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