Chem 2 - Reaction rates, Salts and Electrolysis - Oxides, Hydroxides and Ammonia

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Oxides, Hydroxides and Ammonia

Metal Oxides and Metal Hydroxides are Bases.

- Some metal oxides and metal hydroxides dissolve in water. These soluble compounds are called Alkalis

- So all metal oxides and metal hydroxides will react with acids to form a salt and water:

Acid + Metal Oxide = Salt + Water

Acid + Metal Hydroxide = Salt + Water

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Oxides, Hydroxides and Ammonia 2

The combination of Metal and Acid decides the salt:

Hydrochloric acid + copper oxide = copper sulfate + water                             Hydrochloric acid + sodium hydroxide = sodium chloride + water

Sulfuric acid + zinc oxide = zinc sulfate + water                                                 Sulfuric acid + calcium hydroxide = calcium sulfate + water

Nitric acid + magnesium oxide = magnesium nitrate + water                                 Nitric acid + potassium hydroxide = potassium nitrate + water

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Oxides, Hydroxides and Ammonia 3

Ammonia can be neutralised with HN03 to make fertiliser.

Ammonia dissolves in water to make an Alkaline Solution. When it reacts with Nitric Acid, you get a neutral salt - Ammonium nitrate

NH3(aq) + HNO3(aq) = NH4NO3(aq)

Ammonia + Nitric acid = Ammonium nitrate

There is No water produced!

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