Checking Out Me History

Details on the poem in the aqa anthology 2011.

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  • The poem is about protesting against historical references. Its about the anger the peot feels that history is very one-sided. E.g. 'Dem tell me about 1066 and all dat, dem tell me bout **** Whittington and he cat, But toussaint L'Oviture, no dem never tell me bout dat.
  • It goes through black historical figures stating how they aren't taught about these people. Gives lead to the theme of racism.
  • Spoken in Carribean creole giving it a rhythm.
  • Use of language gives a powerful voice.
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  • Racism
  • Anger
  • Historical
  • Cultural
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  • Writes about truth and fiction. Includes the use of Nursery ryhmes and fairtale references (supported by strong rhythm and rhyme scheme) callenges the truth.
  • It compares historical references to fairytales.
  • Italics are used to indicate a change in voice - more serious one.
  • Use of 'me' in title instead of my makes it seem as if its saying that its about all of us. (focuses reader) - linked to identity.
  • Its written in a way that makes it seem as if it is getting louder as you read it. 
  • It uses 'Dem' alot which creates a key way of exploration about alienation.
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