Charles X

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Foreign Policy

Algeria 1830

  • Charles wanted to invade Algeria to improve his popularity and boost morale
  • Algeria was close by and easy to get to
  • It was successful, no one intervened
  • It wasn't completed until Napoleon III
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Domestic Policy

Traditional Coronation

Primogeniture 1826 and Indemnity Law 1825

Sacrilege Law 1825 (never used)

Return of the religious orders

Disbanded National Guard 1827

Juror Law 1827

Four Ordinances 1830

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Villele 1821-188 (ultra royalist)

Martignac 1828-1829 (ultra royalist) (stopgap)

Polignac 1829-1830 (ultra royalist)

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Success or Failure?

Failure. His policies upset the french, he was stupid and out of touch, and he was overthrown in a revolution. His only success was foreign policy.

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