Characters of A Midsummer night's dream

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  • The daughter of Egeus who is disobedient
    • Supposed to marry Demetrius (Egeus wish) However falls in love with Lysander 
  • Her father (Egeus) wants her to be killed for disobeying him. (According to Athenian law) 
  • Hermia does not wish to marry Demetrius, so she and Lysander plan to run-away from Athens into to the forest. 
    • Helena, her best friend, heard of this plan and decided to tell Demetirus. From there they will persue Hermia and Lysander. 
  • Hermia has three options; Marry Demetrius, become a nun, or get killed.
  • She is short.
  • Confusion started to arise, Lysander started to hate on Hermia. 
    • "Thou cat, viles thing, shake thee from me like a serpent" -Lysander 
    • "Why are you grown so rude? What canged in this...Sweet love? What can you do me greater harm, than hate? Am I not hermia? Are you not Lysander?" -Confused Hermia. 
  • Hermia is in disbelif and blames Helena for causing this. However this is as a result of Oberon and Pucks love juice. 
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  • One of the four lovers. 
  • He is supossedly engaged to Hermia according to her fathers [Egeus] wish. 
    • Insisted that Hermia should marry him. "He made a deal with her dad, Egeus, so it's his right." 
  • Helena is actually in love with Demetrius however he hates her and ditched her for Hermia. 
  • She [Helena] had followed him to the forest.
    • At this point Demetrius starts to get very abusive and threating. So that Helena stops following him. 
    • He tells her that he is sick when he looks at her. Hopes that she gets eaten by wild beasts and threatens to do some "bad" things to her if she doesn't leave. 
  • Demetrius has been dosed by a "love in idleness" then he is crazily in love with Helena whom he eventually marries.  
  • If his attitude and behavior is worse enough, this makes Oberon want Demetrius to treat Helena more better. So he orders puck to dose him with the "love in idleness" 
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  • Crazily in love with Demetrius.
  • Caught up in the love triangle. 
  • Made an attempt to win back Demetrius love by tell him Lysanders and fair Hermia "flight". 
  • Abused by Demetrius because she would not stop following him.
  • Helena is jealous of Hermia to some extent because she does not have anyone to love. While Hermia does.
  • She is confused in the forest, because Lysand all of a sudden loves her. 
  • Betrayed Hermia
  • Stubborn
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  • He is a competitor for Hermia's love.
  • Has been accused by Egeus for bewitching his daughter. 
    • Exchanging love tokens.
  • Accused Demetrius of having an affair with Helena. 
    • Tries to demonstrate Demetrius is not the person for Hermia, however it does not change the decision of Theuses and Egeus. 
  • Whilst in the forest, he is dosed with the "love in idleness" by Puck 
    • As a result of this, he falls in love with Helena. Which brings wide confusion.
    • His actions towards Hermia are horrible, but this is because of the love juice.
  • Tried to convince Hermia to sleep with him in the forest, however she denies and sleeps away from him. 
  • "You have her father's love Demetrius let me have Hermias, do you marry him?"
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  • He is very strict and has a lot of control of his daughter Hermia, Whom belongs to him. 
  • "As she is mine. I may dispose of her". 
  • "Full vexation come I, I have a complaint against my daughter".
  • He is present and lnvolved with the four lovers. 
  • His wish, is to have Hermia marry Demetrius.
    • Hermia disobeys him. 
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  • The duke of Athen's 
    • An authority figure. 
  • He uses the law of Athens upon his people for example the case with Egeus and Hermia. 
  • Is about to be married to Hippolyta and looking forward to the day, is impatient implaying that he cannot wait as the days are slow. 
    • "our nuptial hour draws on apace, four happy days bring in another moon: but o me thinks, how slow this old moon wanes!"
  • He finds the 4 lovers in the forest, which is a suprise for him. He allows them to be married because he is a person of love and passion.
  • His role is to be a judge, and his decsion can affect the lives of the 4 lovers. 
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  • He is king of the fairies 
  • Seen in the first act arguing with his queen, titania. Over an indian boy who both parties want. 
  • Oberon has observed the conflict between Demtrius and Lysander which then he decides to use the flower to make Demetrius love Helena. 
  • Titania refuses to give up, so Oberon, as-well. Plans to take the Indian boy whilst Titania is under the juice.
  • He is a frighting character who is also jealous.
  • Yet he is also capable of feeling sympathy and compassion.
  • "I'll met by moonlight, proud Titania" 
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  • Queen of the fairies 
  • Had an arguement with Oberon over the Indian boy which led to Oberon using the llove juice on her to get want he wants. 
  • Falls in love with an *** (Bottom) 
  • She can be p***ionate as she is with Bottom. 
  • "What angel awakes me from my flowery bed" Bottom singing.. 
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  • A lower cl*** weaver apart of the 'mechanicals group' 
  • Finds himself to be a very important person amongst his group. 
  • He brings much comedy to the play, when he gets turned into an ***. 
  • Bottom is foolish and stupid for his misuse of words like 'devouer' 'deflower' 
  • He only cares about himself. 
  • Doesn't know when people are laughing at him. 
  • Throughout the play he is excited,joyful and emotional. 
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