Characteristics of an Anticyclone

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Pressure is high (over 1,000 millibars) because air is subsiding 

The decending air usually sinks at a rate of 1-4km a day to within 1-5km of the surface 

It is stopped from reaching the surface by cooler air from below (temperature inversion)

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Wind speed

Winds are slow because air is decending slowly 

At between 0.5km and 1.5km the decending air spreads out and move outwards from the centre of the anticyclone 

Due to the corolis effect the wind is deflected to the right and so the pattern of wind circulation is CLOCKWISE

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Cloud cover

Cloud cover is limited as sinking air compresses and warms 

The air originates from high in the atmosphere where the air is warm and dry 

As the air warms any water droplets may be evaporated so skies are clear and cloudless

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