Characteristic of being a Magistrate

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Six Characteristic of being a Magistrate

Good Character - Personal integrity - respect and trust of others - respect for confidences - absence of any matter which might bring them or the Magistracy into disrepute - willingness to be circumspect in private, working and public life.

Understanding and communication - Ability to understand documents, identify and comprehend relevant facts, and follow evidence and arguments - ability to concentrate - ability to communicate effectively.

Maturity and Social temperament - Ability to relate to and work with others regard for the views of others willingness to consider advice maturity ,humanity,courage, firmness, decisiveness, confidence, a sense of fairnes.

Social awareness - Appreciation and acceptance of the rule of law - understanding of the local communities and society in general respect for people from different ethnic, cultural or social backgrounds.

Sound judgement - Common sense - ability to think logically, weigh arguments and reach a balanced decision, openness of mind and setting aside of prejudices.

Commitment and reliability - Serve the community - willingness to undertake at least 26 and up to 35 half day sittings a year.

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