characterisitcs of applications

notes on the characterisitcs of applications

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school admin systems/stock control systems

school admin systems

  • stores information on staff and students such as emergency numbers, addresses and health issues
  • stores student marks such as past exam results and generates reports on data
  • stores attendance details like attendance over time, reasons for absences and summaries of attendance

stock control systems

  • monitor stock levels and see when stock needs to be replaced and by how much
  • use JIT (Just In Time) systems
  • JIT systems: allow companies to order inimum amounts of stock required as and when stock levels run low increasing chance of profits
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  • use JIT systems
  • stock control systems also analyse sales


  • need larger orders for a particular products incase they need to stockpile their product for increase in demand. stock are able to:

-list all stock items and suppliers, componants required to create products

-know when stock is low and more is needed

-update stock counts when delivieries are made

-link with budgeting system so orders are placed within affordablole limits

-predict stock requirements based on past trends

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Booking Systems/route finders

Booking systems

  • order things like train and cinema tickets
  • requires a person, event, and date/time
  • booking systems can:

-avoid double bookings

-allow user to: select date/time, specifiy numbers, check avalibility, check price of overall booking, change options, confirm bookings and allow payments to be made

route finders

  • allow user to plot route between 2 points
  • can be created prior to a journey or as the journey is taking place
  • routes can be generated using the organisations website
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customer records and accounts

  • company keep records of their customers so they can contact them if necessary
  • keep records of their own profits and sales
  • system can:

-store customer payments, contact details and orders with a unique ID number

-produce customer statments and outstanding invoices

-list products avaliable

-handle discounts and returns

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