Characterisation and narrative voice


What is characterisation?

Characterisation is the way writers create characters and make them believable. 

When writing about writing about texts remember that the author is creating the author is creating characters using language.

try to think

What are the characters like?

What do the characters say?

What do the characters do?

How are they described?

How are they treated by the other characters?

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Characters and contrasts

Its important to think about how the characters change and interact with eachother, this could suggest important themes or ideas in the text.

Look for contrasts or contradictions, All effective characters will have more than one side.

Contrasts between characters can be two characters who have opposite characteristics ie. A social character and one who is solitary.

Contrasts within a character can be A character who goes against what they have been shown to be. or they could want two opposite things.

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What is Narrative Voice

Narative voice is the perspective that the story is told from.

this can be 

First person, Second person (not commonly used by writers), Third person or third person omniscient.

when thinking about narrative voice consider:

how does the reader feel about the narrator?

does the reader trust the narrator, Are they reliable?

is the voice of the narrator the author?

how does the narrator choose to show us this fictional world? 

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