character profile for purple hibiscus

Revision Cards on different characters of purple hibiscus and key quotes which have been analysed

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"Later she would knot the palm fronds into sagging cross shapes and them on the wall beside our gold-framed family photo"

1.Later = it is ritual for mama to do this

           = part of her day to day routine

2. Knot = a knot usually represents security or togetherness

3. Sagging= weighing down

4. Cross Shapes = Mama is a Catholic Christians and therefore this reflects on the religious influence

5. Beside = Inextricably linked with the family and religion

6. Gold-framed  = Wealth / luxury / importance / precious

7. Family photo = the photo could just be an artifice

                         = suggests pride and wealth

This quotes suggests the Mama is dutiful and subordinate to her husband who has a high status. Mama is obedient and committed to her duties

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