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Lady Windermere's Fan character profiles and key moments

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Lord Windermere

Age: 25

Apperance: 6ft, quifed black hair, jaw lengthed side burns and a moustasche

Dress: When at the party he would be in dining attire but in the first scene he will be wearing white toursers and carry a black walking caine; never without his bow tie


Generally-To fit into society, but in this episode to protect his wife, whom he knows isnt ready to have a mother

Act 1-

He will do and say anything so that Lady W doesnt find out that Mrs E is her mother and this ends up sounding like scandal, but also understands that this is he best opportunity to get Mrs E off his bank book

Act II-

Mend things with his wife whilsed surpressing rumours of his dishonesty


He wants to get back to see his wife but knows his social duties

Act IV-

He wishes to return to normalacy

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