Character and voice poems

Character and voice peoms from the moon on the tides anthology

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Ozymandias- form, structuer and language.

form- poem is a sonnet with an unusal rhyme scheme, suggests things are out of balance. It uses iambic petameter and enjabament so the poem flows like natural speech. Story second hand account which distances the reader evan further away from the dead king.

structuer- The narrator builds up an image of the statue by foccosing on different parts in turn. The poem ends by describing the enormous desert which helps to sum up the insignficance of the statue.

Irony- There's nothing left to show for the ruers arrogant boasting or his great civilisation. The ruined statue is a metaphor for all human life. Everyones acheivements are insignificants because are life is so short compared to the universe. The vast dessert represents the dessert- it stretches on and exists long after the rulers life is over and kingdom has been destroyed.

Angry language- the tyranny of the ruler is suggested through quite aggresive language.

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My last Dutchess- form, structuer, and language

form- The poem is a dramatic monlogue. At first it seems the Duke is speeking directly to you , making what he says more powerfull. The use of enjabement makes the poem sound more natural in speech. Rhyming couplets make the Duke sound educated.

Structuer- the combinations of things the duke mentions- the dutchess's behaviour, his proud family history, how he reacted-works together to creat an overall inpression of his character, making us suspicious of him.The way he flits from one subject to another suggests he's slightly unstable.

Dranatic irony- the things the duke say about the dutchess are quite innocent, but they normally have a more sinister meaning for us as the reader. Alot of the things the duke says are ambigious.

Powere/objectification- The duke felt the need to have power over the dutchess. He saw her as another one of his possetions , to be collected and admired, just like his expensive paintings he likes to control art and beaty.

Status- status is really imprtant to the character , he cares about how other see him.

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Thr River God- Form ,structuer ,and language

Form-The poem is a dramatic monologue.The poem uses regualr rhyming couplets wich give the poem a song like quality. Enjabament makes the poem flow like the movement of water.

structuer- At tthe begining of the poem , the river God is presented as friendly and innocent. As the poem goes on , the idea becomes more threatning and possesive. This is emphesised by the hidden warning near the end and the omnious final line of the poem.

Power/objectification- The river God seems desperate to keep the woman on the river bed. He is possesive over her amd doesnt want her to leave. He repeatedly calls her beatiful and focuses on her face and body which suggests that he values her apperance.The image also seems to be abit of sexual natuer.

Contrast- The old smelly river contrasts with the beatifull woman . Th river god uses affectionate language which contrasts with the harsh reality of the womans death and makes it more shocking.

Euphism he uses ambiguous language and images of love rather then death whcich suggest he is deluded into thinkinhg she might love him in return.

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Case history Alison - form , structuer , and langu

form- is a dramatic monlouge , the stanzas are often broken but linked through enjambment which makes Alison's memories seem quite disjointed.

Structure- It begins and end with isolated lines which could highlights Alison's dislocation from her past. The poem alternates between 1st person and Allison describing her self in the third. This emphesis the seperations of the two selves and has a disorientating effect on the reader.

Contrast- There is a stark contarst between past Allison who's full of hope and her present self. She 's suffered lots of physical changes but also mental damage.

Language of injury- there are lots of images of brokenness and injury in the poem .Allison constantly reminds us of her accident so that it becomes a defining feature of who she is now .

Pronouns- Alison refers to her former self as "she" and only uses "I" to talk about the present. She disconnected from the person she once was.

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Singh Song ! - Form , structuer, and language

form- The poet uses some rhyme to give the poem a light hearted tone. Aswell as the narrators voice , it featuers the voice of his wife and the customers he ignore, this shows how he fits into the community. Its is formed like a song because it has verses and a chorus which makes it sound livley and rhytmic.

 Structuer- The poem alternates between decriptions of the narrators marriage and complaints from his customers. The repeated chourus shows the reader how much he neglects his work.

Houmorus descriptions- The narrator uses entertaing images to decribe his wife and his family. He also uses quite romantic descriptions mixed with humour ahich add to the light hearted feel.

Contrasts- Lots of contradiction is included in this poem , the narrator shows that poeple can embrace elements of different cultuers in their own identity.

Phonetic Indian English- Voices in the poem combine Indian and english words and accents-Shows influence of both cultuers on the people in the poem.

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Checking out me history- form , structuer, and lan

Form - The narraotr uses techniques(from oral poetry)  such as repetiiton, strong ryhiming , and chanting- shows how important oral communication can create a a strong sense of culture.He uses a mixtuer of stanza forms which sugegsts that he wants to break out of the conflicting language rules he has been taught. Its also emphesis the dfferences in cultures.

Structuer- The poem alternates between historical figuers from black and white culture emphesising the differences between them.

Historical examples- the narrator refers to real people - he's trying to pass their history on to us.

Metaphors(of vision and blindness)- The narrator say that his education kept his true herritage hidden from him. Images of light are posotive because they suggest an awareness of your own identity. 

Phonetic language and dialect- Creole dialect mixed with standard english suggests that theyre contrasting elements of his own background.

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Medusa- Form, structuer, and language

Form - Dramatic monlogue written from the point of view form the jelous wife. The poem is devided into irregular stanzars except the last line, which is emphesised because it is isolated.

Structuer- there is a sense that the narrators anger is buliding up through the poem as a result of the extened metaphor of Medusa's vilolent killing. The tone changes in the final stanzar as the narrator suddenly seems insecure.

Transformation- her imagined transformation gives her power to take revenge on her husband.

Violent imagery- The narrator seems to take pleasure in imaging violence in the poem. This higlights her anger and seems shocking because its expressed in such an extreme destructive way.

Language of vision- Language of seeing connects the narrator to medusa , the mythical creauer with the deathly stare. Vision can be ambiguous in the poem - It can be loving or dangerous.

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Brendon Gallacher- Form, structure, and language

Form- the poem has a regular rhyme scheme and she uses Brendon's name as a song like refraim , which makes th epoem sound childlike.

Structure- The poet descibes events in order they happened(Chronalogically), saving the fact that he's not real for then end- so we share in her fantasy.

Childish langauge- Some language and images in the poem are quite childlike and emphesise that the narrator is talking about her past. It heps the rader to visualise the narrator's childhood.

Regional language- The narrator uses scottish words and dialect and creates a clear sense of place to make the poem personal to her own childhood.

Direct conversation-Sections of direct conversation introduce other voices into the poem. It makes the account of the narrator's childhood seem more realistic.

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Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR


Good notes but you spent the following wrong:

1 - structure, unusual, pentameter, enjambement, even, focussing, ruler's, everyone's, insignificant, desert

2 - structure, monologue, speaking, powerful, enjambement, ambiguous, a lot, power, possessions, important

These are not criticisms, merely tips to improve the resource :)

Louise Jones


Thank you will sort all spellings out when im finished :D , quickly typing so i will have some last min revision cards  to look at tonight for tomorow's exam , im glad you like them. :) **

Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR


Okay :) I won't check the other's cause you'll be able to :) **

Louise Jones


hehe thanks :) spelling has never been a strong point of mine :P Goodness knows how i have been in top set english all these years :P :D ***

Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR


I think exactly the same about science, trust me :)



These are great for last minute revison, i have an axam in a couple of hours and needed to revise, i found these and they are fantastic. thank you

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