character notes- an inspector calls

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Mrs Birling

Mrs Birling treats The Inspector like an inferior.

She is disgusted when she learns that Eva Smith/Daisy Renton was Geralds mistress.

Mrs Birling used her power to persuade the other charity membors to not help Eva/Daisy as Mrs Birling disiked her and Eva/Daisy used her name.

She blames Evas death on the father of Evas unborn child who turns out to be Erice Mrs Birlings son,

She doesn't ike or expect people to disagree with her- "please don't contradict me like that"

She is a proud lady who is tradditional in her beliefs about marraige- she says to Sheila "when you are married you'l realise"

She doesn't change, throughout the play she is very self centered

She doesn't notice her sons alcholism and dismisses her daughters concerns and worries

She wont except responsiblity for her actions-"I accept no blame for it at all"

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