changing urban environments


london docklands

urban redevelopment in HIC

  • location- london, now canary warf on thames
  • in 1950 huge containerised ships could no longer fit into dock
  • people lost jobs and could not afford houses so area became derelict
  • in 1981 the LDDC improved area by 22,000 luxury flats
  • water sport mania
  • jobs increased by 63000 people due to shops and banks locating there
  • 200000 trees planted
  • jubilee line extension
  • but DISADV like no community spirit, those who previously worked there cannot afford to live there anymore
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new islington

sustainable redevelopment 

  • location- manchester
  • was built on a brown field site called cardroom hospital
  • large windows to allow natural light
  • metrolink 10 mins away encourages people to not drive
  • 8GPs and health care to enhance quality of peoples lives
  • bore holes provide 25litres per second of naturally filtered water
  • 50% of domestic wasre recycled
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manchester city challenge

city challenge redevelopment 

  • location- manchester hulme
  • before 1990 manchester has cresents to improve on the high rise flats
  • but..disease spread quickly
  • lifts didnt work
  • no parking spaces
  • no green space for children
  • so in 1990 they knocked down the cresents and made smaller housing
  • local schools and a new park
  • views of locals were taken into consideration
  • returned to traditional layout of stretford road
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example of sustainble city

  • location- southern brazil population of 1.8mill
  • they reduce car use by biarticulate buses carrying 1.4 mill people daily, 200km of bike paths and 80% of travellers use bus resulting in 25% less car pollution
  • green space means that over 1000 parks have been built in areas to reduce flooding, 1.5miill trees and every skyscraper a new greenspace is created
  • they recycle 70% of rubbish, the paper recyling saves 1200 trees per day, residence exchange rubbish for food and bus tickets
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improvements of CBD

  • location- county town of kent 
  • mall cards encourage shoppers
  • pedestrianised area reduce accidents
  • security cameras reduce crime
  • metrobank is new
  • fremlins walk from old brewery
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london congestion charge

traffic improvement scheme

  • location- london 
  • £8 charge of driving between 6 and 7 which encourages public transport
  • charged an online fee of £100 if you dont pay
  • money goes towards repairing roads and public transport
  • 75000 fewer vehicles daily 
  • 40-50 tonnes less fuel
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living conditions in sqautter settlement and improvements

  • location- nairobi kenya 60% live in slums
  • 800000-1mill living with 1m2 floor space each
  • 100000 oprhan children
  • only 40 families supplied with water
  • pollution
  • crime growing
  • improvements made are self help- providing building materials
  • site and service- 3 shillings for 20 litres of water
  • local government- 2003 770 families rehoused
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