change in population - roots

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birth rate

·         Baby boom – post war

·         Overall decline – people wanted to work more and have children later in life

·         Average age of first child rose – better health care

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changing work patterns

·         Decline in traditional manufacturing, job loss in farming/mining

·         People moved away from primary and secondary into tertiary and quaternary – more skilled

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·         Education act – couldn’t leave school until 15 in 1947

·         More courses to study

·         Greater awareness of benefits of smaller families (BR decreases)

·         Women more career driven (BR decreases)

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improvements in health

·         Birth rate falls – contraceptives legally made in 1961, AIDS awareness campaigning in 80’s, abortion legalised in 1967 (remains controversial), sex education.  

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·         Death rate decreases

·         Increasing ageing population

·         Alcohol, food and lifestyle education

·         Less smokers – public ban in 2007

·         However obesity and type 2 diabetes are on the rise

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population structure

·         Top heavy

·         Life expectancy increased – cures/healthcare

·         Death rate decreased

·         Birth rate decreased

·         UK below replacement rate

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migration - economic

·         Factory closures in N. England due to NICs in China etc.

·         Many young people moved to S. England in the 1980’s for work

·         More labour needed after the 2nd world war – Jamaica and India people requited to help with economic recovery

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migration - social

·         People moving out of large towns due to an increase in child mortality because of food shortages, bad housing and poor sanitation in the 1820/40’s

·         Inner –city redevelopment schemes and new town policies mean families were encouraged to migrate since 1950’s

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