Celtic Festivals

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Celtic Festivals


Samhain-1st November

  • Marked the start of the agricultural year and Celtic New Year
  • Most important festival of the year.
  • It was believed the dead returned to visit the land.
  • The Celts made food offerings to bring about a good harvest in year ahead.
  • They made bonfires of any trees that had fallen/died during the year.
  • Rituals were performed beside Rivers and Wells.

How did Patrick change this?

This became the celebrating All Saints and All Souls.

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Celtic Festivals


Imbolc- 1st February

  • Beginning of Spring
  • Lambing Season begins- ground is tilled for sowing.
  • The Celts worshipped an important goddess called Brigantia who was linked to Fertility and Childbrith and this was a festival celebrating this Goddess. 

How did Patrick change this?

This became the feast for St Brigid.

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Celtic Festivals


Bealtaine- 1st May

  • Cattle returned to Pasture
  • Crops were beginning to Grow
  • People turned to their Gods for protection against danger.

How did Patrick Change this?

The land was sprinkled with Holy Water blessed at Easter.

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Celtic Festivals


Lughnasa-1st August

  • Celebrating food and life

How did this change after Patrick?

Became the time for the Pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick.

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