cellular control

protein synthesis

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DNA code

The code is made from DNA and is a sequence of bases which code for amino acids and their sequence determing what proteins are made.

Genes- length of DNA that codes for one of more polypeptides in a cell.

Polypeptide- Sequence of amino acids which are joned by peptide bonds.

Genome- Entire DNA sequence of an organism.

Protein- Large polypeptide around 100 = amino acids (Collagen, haemoglobin, antigens)

Triplet code- codons for one amino acid

Degenerate so all amio acids have more than one code.

Widespread- The basic DNA is the same in all organisms its how we interpretate them. One gene that makes a fish glow can make a mouse glow.

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Transciption and translation

Transcription :

  • Takes place in nucleus
  • mRNA is produced
  • RNA polymerase and heliase are used in the process
  • Unwinds/unzips DNA
  • mRNA is complementary to the template strand


  • Takes place in ribosomes
  • Produces proteins
  • tRNA is used to make the protein each with a corresponding anticodon
  • Uses the mRNA strand
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