Cells, tissues, organs,and systems

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Life Processes

Life Processes

Nutrition-Obtaining food for energy.

Excretion- Toxic waste product removal.

Respiration-Energy released-ATP

Sensitivity- Ability to detect and respond to changes in env. 

Reproduction-perputate life for survival of species.

Growth-Increase in size

Locomotion- moving 

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Cell Membrane-Controls substances in and out of the cell.

Mitochondria- 2 membranes-inner- cristae folds-matrix inside this. ATP produced.

Nucleus-contains DNA. nucleolus. The RNA, which will be made into ribosomes.

Golgi Apparatus-Vesicles fuse at one side. Processes proteins and other molecules. flattened layers of plate-like membranes. 

Lysosomes- contains digestive enzymes. 

ER-site of protein synthesis. Rough-contains ribosomes-made of RNA and protein-site of protein synthesis. Smooth-where lipids and steroids are made.

Cell Wall-permeable. cellulose. structural support

 Chloroplasts- contains chlorophyll. Photosynthesis occurs-light energy produces sugars.


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