cells in the embryo


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cells in the early embryo

after the human zygote has underone three complete cell cycles, it consists of 8 identicle cells.

each of these cells are said to be Totipotent stem cells as they can develop into a complete human being.

by 5 days after conception a hollow ball of cells called the blastocyst has formed.

the outer blastocyst layer goes on to form the placenta and the inner cell mass of 50 or so cells goes on to form the tissues of the developing embryo.

these cells are known as the Pluripotent embryonic stem cells.

each of these cells can potentially give rise to most types of cells but not all.

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cells become more differentiated

as the embryo develops into a multicellular body , the cells which it is made become more and more differentiated.

meaning most of them lose the capacity to develop into lots of cells, instead they become increasingly specialised  

however in in adults come cells can give rise to a variety of different cells, these cells are knwon as multipotent stem cells . for example white blood cells located in bone marrow, can develop into red blood cells.

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