about cells,photosynsis,the human body,organs etc.

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All about the cells.

the cell membrane contorls what goes in and out of the cells.

nucleas contorls the chemical activity.

cytoplasm is a soup which fills both of the animal and plant cell.

cholroplasts is a green pigment,chlorphyll, its used in photosynsethis.

vacuole is a bag-air structure, it is in the center of the cytoplasm and keeps the plant upright.

plant cells and animal cells both have a nucleaus,cutoplasm and cell membrane.

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specialized cells.

palisade cells have allot of extra chloroplasts to help with photosynthesis. the reason for this is because the sunlight will absorb the chloroplasts.

root hair cells have no chloroplasts. they are thin and long, however they have a different job to palisade cells as they're job is to enable water from the soil.

there is nerve tissue's and root hair cell tissues.

red blood cells carry oxygen around the body.

nerve cells carry messages around the body.

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