Cells. The Building blocks of life.



All cells have a nucleus. This is the "brain" of the cell. It controls everything that happens inside the cell.

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Cell Membrane

All cells have a cell membrane. This controls what materials enter and exit the cell. The Cell membrane protects the inside of the cell.

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All cells have a cytopasm. It is a watery, jel like substance that holds the plant in place. It is a lot like jelly.

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All cells have a mitochondria. This produces the most energy supplies for the cell. It is basically the powerhouse for the cell.

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Cell Vacuole

Some animals have a cell vacuole but all plants have it. It stores all the chemicals, water and nutrients.

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Only plants have a chloroplast. This is where photosynthesis happens. It contains chlorophyll which makes the plant green. 

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Cell wall

Only plants have a cell wall. It surrounds the cell with a rigid (stiff) layer that is quite thick. This protects the outside of the cell.

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