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Cells-Animal cell

All organisms are made up of cells.

Animal Cell:

Cell Membrane-Controls movement into and out of the cell.

Cytoplasm-Most chemical reactions take place here.

Ribosomes-Where protein synthesis happens.

Mitochondria-Where respiration takes place. Found in the cytoplasm. The number of mitochondria found in the cytoplasm is proportional to the amount of energy needed.

Nucleus-Controls what the cell does and contains the genetic information. Has a membrane extending from it onto which ribosomes are attached.

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Cells-Plant cell

Plant cell:

Cell Wall-Made of cellulose, this strengthens the cell.

Chloroplasts-Contains chlorophyll which absorbs light energy to make food.

Vacuole-Filled with cell sap, it helps to support the cell.

The strucures which are found in the animal cells are also found in plant cells.

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Specialised cells

Some cells are specialised to do a particular job.

Root Hair Cells-have tiny hair-like structure which increases the surface area of water and ions more efficiently.

Palisade Cells-column-shaped cells on the upper surface of the leaf. They are packed with chloroplasts for photosynthesis.

Xylem-cells are long, thin, hollow, cells, that contain no cytoplasm. They transport water through the stem and root.

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